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Call Us Today!
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Our Services Include:

Residential and Commercial Services
Hunting Camp and Land Owners:
  • Road Row Trimming and Mulching
  • Forestry Mowing
  • Create Shooting Lanes
  • Development of Roads and Food Plots
R.O.W. Maintenance:
  • Power Line and Pipeline Trimming and Mowing
  • Roadway Trimming and Debris Removal

Emergency Services 

Storms may cause limbs or entire trees to fall on homes, automobiles or other structures. The weight of storm-damaged trees and debris can cause it to be dangerous to remove. Delta Tree Services, Inc. safely performs emergency tree services, including removals by crane to reduce further risk of damage to your property.
Crown Reduction Trimming
Crown reduction is performed when the top of a tree grows too close to power lines, buildings, homes, or obstructs signs. This procedure is done carefully because it will affect the tree’s growth. It could also be dangerous and should be left to professionals.
Crown Maintenance Trimming
Crown maintenance is trimming away the dead or damaged wood of the tree and cutting away parasites, sprouts and crossed limbs. This is followed by trimming to improve the look and overall health of the tree.
Crown Elevation Trimming
Crown elevation trimming is removing low limbs to elevate a tree’s canopy. This is done to allow for walkways and to meet specifications for clearance over streets. Leave your crown elevation trimming to the professionals to prevent permanent damage to your trees.
Tree Removal
Tree removal is necessary when the tree is dead or dying, the roots cause foundation damage, or when it prevents construction. This is a very dangerous procedure that should only be done by trained professionals with the proper equipment.
Stump Removal
Tree stumps are a habitat for unwanted insects and fungus. These can spread to other trees and into your home. The professionals at Delta Tree Services, Inc. can completely remove them.
Land and Lot Clearing
The needs of today’s land and homeowner are changing with the new premium on “curb appeal."
When clearing land to achieve these needs, it is important to be environmentally conscious. Delta Tree Services, Inc. utilizes a method of mulching that protects the environment while clearing your land in the most efficient manner. While conventional methods of clearing involve soil damage, burning and other hazardous effects, Delta Tree Services, Inc. mulches trees and other growth while cutting them down. This adds nutrients to the soil, making it environmentally friendly and leaving the land in better condition for future growth.
  • Mulching
  • Lake Lots
  • Right of Ways Cleared
  • Forestry Land Maintenance
  • Hunting Land Maintenance
  • Nature Trails
  • Clear-cut Clean-up
One of the most important steps that must be taken after any storm or disaster is the clean-up of debris. Our team of professionals will assess the damage and take the safest, most efficient approach to clearing your property of damaged trees and debris.

In the Central Mississippi area, we have many  large oak and pine trees that can rot from the inside out. When rain weighs down the trees and the wind blows, it is common for limbs and weak branches to fall. These trees and branches can demolish your home, driveway, or yard. Delta Tree Services, Inc. has its own equipment along with the experience and capability of removing all of the debris from your home and yard. We have the heavy equipment including roll off containers, bulldozers, and bucket trucks to reach high places.
Whether you have had storm damage, a tree or limb has fallen, or had a tree pruned or removed, there is a great deal of debris that must be removed to protect your property. We have the knowledge and expertise, as well as the labor and equipment to handle this job for you.

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